Hello world!

This Premium Domain can be your jumpstart, or possibility for your company to thrive and be next big part of the Cyber/ Internet/ Software and Technologie oriented future we are heading towards!

This Domain is registered, hosted and even the website is created through namecheap.com.

Namecheap offers full control and service regarding Domain settings, hosting and has over a hundred programs and inputs through cpanel, softaculous and wordpress.

Included in the price & transaction of this Domain is all licenses, subscriptions and costs of at least 50.-CHF together, lasting for another year.

These are:

  • Status & validity – Apr. 28. 2024
  • “Withheldforprivacy” Protection – Mar. 5. 2024
  • Stellar Hosting – Jul. 24. 2024
  • Comodo SSL Certificate – Jul. 25. 2024

Also inkluded are many different Logos for the website, that I have created, inkl. each a version without text beneath.

All in all there are 25x different logos included!

And of course this test site will directly be accessible by the Buyer.

The price evaluation by Godaddy.com of only this Domain name, without anything additional is 2’800.-CHF.



Auction will start around 1’500.-CHF.

Best Regards

F. Miolin